Wrongful Death

Cleveland Wrongful Death Attorneys

When someone close to you dies due to another person’s negligence or reckless actions, you may have reason to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys know what rights you have under wrongful death laws and can help you pursue some form of compensation for the life that was lost. Many wrongful death claims end with the victim’s family receiving some form of financial damages to make up for lost earning potential or funeral costs. Ohio’s wrongful death statute provides no limit on damages for wrongful death unlike ordinary negligence and non-catastrophic injuries. This is another one of those areas where the wrongful death should be investigated immediately. It is hard to do but it should be done. If you have suffered the death of a friend or loved one that was suspicious or the result of negligence or foul play it is important to investigate early. Get an experienced attorney involved early so you can mourn and not have to worry about the legal end. You owe it to your loved one to pursue a case like this if it was a result of negligence or worse.

Wrongful Death Claims & Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlements

Wrongful death claims are the first step toward getting restitution for the life that was lost. It is important to waste as little time as possible if you decide to pursue litigation because there is evidence that must be collected and investigators that must be retained. There are also stipulations in wrongful death laws that prohibit some individuals from making wrongful death claims. Most of the time, only dependents or relatives can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Our wrongful death attorneys can give you an accurate idea of what kind of wrongful death lawsuit settlements you can expect to receive.

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