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The vast majority of dog bite victims are kids, which means that an emergency room visit is very likely after a bite. Dog bite law varies from location to location, but in most places the owner of the dog is one hundred percent liable if a pet attacks someone. Emergency room visits can be extremely distressing not to mention expensive, so consider hiring a dog attack attorney who knows how to seek compensation for your suffering and the hospital bill. Dog bite lawsuit settlements exist so that you are not forced to take a huge financial hit because of someone else’s negligence. Our dog bite attorneys will guide you in determining the financial compensation you should request when you file a lawsuit, and we will fight to make sure that you receive a fair payment. Contact our law firm to hire a attorney who will defend your financial future with an animal bite law suit.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Settlements & Animal Bite Law Suit

Approximately 800,000 dog bites occur every year causing major injuries that require immediate medical attention. In Ohio, a harborer or owner of an animal is liable under the common law and under the Ohio statute of strict liability. However, dog bite law is a bit more complicated. For example, if you were put in a dangerous position, such as the owner purposely aggravating the animal, then you have grounds for an animal bite law suit. We will go through a comprehensive review of your case, and determine whether your potential dog bite lawsuit settlements will be worth the energy and money.

When you hire a dog attack attorney from our law firm, we will provide comprehensive evidence gathering to determine whether or not the dog in question has bitten someone before. If it can be proven that this is not the first dog bite, then we will pursue filing a lawsuit. Contact our law firm immediately for a leading dog bite attorney.

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If you are trying to find a dog bite injury attorney to give you the best opportunity to receive financial compensation, contact our law offices immediately. We employ only dog bite attorneys who have experience, talent and skill when dealing with dog bite law. It takes a dog attack attorney who understands the legal logistics involved in these types of lawsuits to get the financial compensation you deserve. With our experience, skill, and dedication, you can be certain that you will get a victory in your animal bite law suit. Our reputation for negotiating dog bite lawsuit settlements means that you should contact us.