When you are in a motor vehicle collision

This is a dangerous time of year. With snow and ice, people are driving too fast for conditions, driving too close, running on unsuitable tires, and underestimating the distance needed to stop. Collisions are going to happen.
When you are hit by another driver, there are important steps you need to take:
1.Call the police. It is important to document the accident. The police will make sure there is a record of valuable information about the people involved, witnesses, and how the accident happened.
2.Get the insurance information. This may be your one opportunity to do this. Write down the name of the other person’s insurance company, the name of the policy holder, and the policy number. Ohio drivers are required to carry this information in their vehicles.
If you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance company, get the adjustor’s name, phone number, and claim number, then tell them to contact your lawyer with any questions.
3.See a doctor. If you experience any pain, stiffness or discomfort at the time of the accident, go to an emergency room. If you experience any pain, stiffness or discomfort in the days that follow, go to an emergency room or physician as soon as possible. Delays in seeking treatment can affect your case.
4.Call Nick Schepis. If you are injured in an automobile accident, you have valuable rights that should be protected. The insurance company will seek to gather evidence against you and compensate you as little as possible. Consult me to be sure your rights are protected. 440-442-9500.